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The META-TAGs are necessary so that your web page is indexed correctly by the different search engines, robots, etc. that crowd the Internet. Usage of META TAGs is highly advisable, even though you may not use any registered services on the search engines. Thus the search engines will be able to draw more information from your website.

Meta tag generator

Title of the web page:
Name and surname
The email of the site administrator
Character table:
Character encoding for your web page
Language in which contents are written
Write a brief description of your page
Words and phrases that match the content of your page
Ex. MP3, Games, music, radio
Web page type:
Select on which one your web is included
Creation date:
Select date and hour if you want to include it
When a search engine runs through your site uses a robot that sees to recover its information. This command will tell the robot what and when it has to look for
Days to next visit:
Time for the next visit to your web page by the robots